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Our work

Ung Diabetes (Young Diabetes) strives to make the everyday life easier for young people living with diabetes in Sweden, and for them and their close ones to be less affected by the consequences of being diagnosed with diabetes.

Five goals

Ung Diabetes is a part of Svenska Diabetesförbundet (the National Diabetes Association in Sweden), focusing on youths in the age 15 to 30 years old. We have five main goals with our work:

- Support our members
- Be a strong advocating voice for our members in society and policy
- Spread knowledge and information about diabetes
- Work to support research, development and charity in relation to diabetes
- To raise awareness about the global situation of people living with diabetes

How do we achieve these goals?

Ung Diabetes want to support our members by creating forums and an open dialogue about diabetes. We want our members to be able to meet and share their experiences, both physically and virtually. The way we are currently doing this is by organizing events, camps and local associations where our members can meet and participate. By doing this, we want to try and make sure that no one feels alone living with diabetes. Through Facebook, Instagram and our website we are hoping to support our members by sharing information relevant for them and what we do.

Ung Diabetes are offering a question service called ”Fråga om diabetes” (ask about diabetes) which can be found to the left on this page. To answer the questions we are receiving through this service, we have a team of experts to support us. This team consists of a diabetes doctor, a diabetes nurse, a dietitian and a counselor. You are welcome to ask your questions in english, and they could be about anything at all that might be related to your diabetes - there are no wrong questions, and we are here to help as much as we can.

Ung Diabetes aims to be a strong advocating voice for young people with diabetes in society, by being involved in and representing our members in policy discussions relevant to us. We do this by writing debate articles, representing young patients in Almedalsveckan and Järvaveckan, participating in policy discussion events and more. Our goal is to highlight living conditions, to impact public opinion, and to create policy debate in order to improve living conditions for young people living with diabetes.

Ung Diabetes wants to spread knowledge about diabetes by representing our members at events and meetings, and to spread information through our digital channels, to shatter prejudice and bias relating to diabetes in society. We participate in several different events during the year, and we are publishing content on our social media regularly.

Ung Diabetes are supporting research, development and charity work for diabetes globally. We mainly do so by spreading knowledge about, and raising money for, the international charity Life for a Child. We are also working to raise awareness about what it is like to live with diabetes globally, through collaborations with international youth organisations and young people committed to being diabetes advocates around the world. From our point of view, it is important to also highlight a global perspective about living with diabetes in order for us to push the development forward.

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